What is TubeBuddy for YouTube 🤔 and is it really your best friend?

  1. Who doesn’t love YouTube?
  2. What is TubeBuddy for YouTube?
    1. TubeBuddy is great for finding long-tail keywords
  3. In conclusion

Their claim: TubeBuddy is “Your best friend on the road to YouTube success” – so let’s check out exactly what is TubeBuddy for YouTube?

Who doesn’t love YouTube?

We all do, and as part of your digital marketing strategy, it really is a must have! You need video in your arsenal, especially now, more than ever, as so many people are choosing video to consume content instead of reading. Some of the stats around this are incredible – but the one that is making me really take notice is:

85% of all global internet traffic will be from video streaming and downloads within the next 2 years

85% of all global internet traffic will be from video streaming and downloads within the next 2 years! OMG! That is huge!


There are loads of tools out there to help you get the most out of YouTube – today I am going to talk about just one, TubeBuddy. If you just want to find out the Top 5 tips for ranking on YouTube easily, please read this post!


I have been actively using TubeBuddy in my business for the last 12 months. I use it pretty much every day, and whilst I am not a super-user, I know what I like it for, and how it helps me best.

What is TubeBuddy for YouTube?

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.

Click here to check it out now.

It has loads of Cool!😎 features, such as

  • Thumbnail generator
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword volumes and difficulty too
  • SEO Tools to help you rank higher in search results
  • Tools to help you get more views and subscribers

and more!

What I like the best though, is the way it pops up alongside your video (or any video you are watching) and gives you the key stats about the vid. You can also then click on the ‘Ranked Tags’ option, to see which tags the video ranks for. In this quick 1 minute video, I take a look at a video I launched a few months back to see how it is doing.

As you can see – not bad!!!

You can use this feature to see how other videos are doing and find good tags to rank for yourself!

TubeBuddy is great for finding long-tail keywords

The other feature I particularly like is the keyword explorer and keyword tools.

From within YouTube, you can simply click on any tags of any video, and the keyword explorer will run! TubeBuddy does seamlessly integrate into YouTube, it is like having a good friend right there with you all the time!

So when you type a tag, TB will also give you a list of related search terms – you can then just click them to add them to your video tags. This is such an easy way of adding relevant tags to your video – and you need relevant tags so that YouTube can understand the content of your video better. This in turn, leads to better ranking results.

The keyword explorer …

… helps you find untapped keywords to create videos for. This tool combines search volume and competition and gives you a needle to show how easy or hard it will be to rank for your search term! Simply click on any tag on a video and the keyword explorer will pop up – as I said, TubeBuddy is seamlessly integrated. Then from here it gives you a dial to show how easy or hard it would be to rank for this search term. It will also weight it to your channel/ niche.

It gives you data on search volumes and competition – and another simple integration, is that TubeBuddy offers is a host of related keywords. There are other video and web searches that are related, right there in the keyword explorer. Again you can click on any of them and it will help you decide if they are worth targeting. Another quick vid shows it in action!

In conclusion

What is TubeBuddy for YouTube? Friend or foe? Definitely a friend – and someone you want in your corner!

This is a powerful tool – you can explore your niche, find ideal keywords and produce your own videos to rank at the top of search results. TubeBuddy helps you do all of that!

There are many more cool features in TubeBuddy, but these are certainly my main favourites!

If you are interested in TubeBuddy, then why don’t you tag a friend, or take a look at TubeBuddy for yourself at: https://www.Tubebuddy.com/MWDigitalYorkshire. You can run with the free version or a trial version to see what you think. I recommend sticking with it if you are serious about using YouTube and video in your business. I use the Pro licence – I think it has the best mix of all features to cost.

The reason I have written about TubeBuddy is because it is just one of the tools I have been using to build my online business. I am being mentored by a Top 1% clickbank entrepenuer, John Thornhill. If you are interested in learning from him too, he has a free webinar at https://johnwebinar.mattwardmarketing.com which is where I started! If you have any comments, or questions, please post them below!

But before you do, you might want to check out WHY YOU’LL NEVER SUCCEED ONLINE! It’s a free report that is sure to shock you!

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