Why get rich schemes NEVER work! Baby steps work!

Why get rich schemes NEVER work! Baby steps work!
  1. Why get rich schemes NEVER work!
    1. For any trade to work, the cost to value ratio must work for BOTH parties
    2. What is the true path to financial freedom and business success?

Do you want to know why get rich schemes never work – and yet everyone is attracted to them? Then read on!
With lots of short-cuts to success out there and offers that catch your eye, I wanted to share some tips on how to truly succeed using baby steps!

Why get rich schemes NEVER work!

So, I saw this deal on social media the other day, “Start earning daily to have your financial freedom, Join Below to see the secret of earning $4000 in 24hrs”. And this is just one of many typical “amazing deals”!

There is a simple formula I use to evaluate a deal:

Cost vs Value

But hidden within this is the crucial detail. And this is where I think we should all spend more time, before jumping into anything. A little analysis at this stage will make all the difference later on. Usually, the cost is declared up front – in monetary terms at least. Eg Free offer/ massive discount/ Only $5 or whatever. So the cost seems small. At this point, we think the deal is going to be great if not incredible!

In the example above, the monetary cost is $0 and all I have to give is some of my personal details and I’ll be in! Wow!

So, if the cost is so low, how can the value be so high? It cannot!

For any trade to work, the cost to value ratio must work for BOTH parties

Compare that to this deal, “$2,000 investment and I (not me 🤣 ) will guide you to business success”. The first deal, was a simple fast-track, and the second one, well a softer, more confident offer of coaching/ mentoring. So using cost vs value, let’s assess this one.

Cost $2k, plus what else? Thinking about it, I am also going to have to invest my own time, learn from someone else, maybe learn new skills. Possibly even invest in further tools. SO the cost of this one is very high! Surely one should say no straight away. But first, let’s consider the value part of the formula.

For the seller, they get paid well for coaching me. But of course, what we are all thinking is WIIFM: What’s in it for me? Let’s assume, the coach has

  • A proven track record – ideally even the best in their area of expertise
  • A proven track record of helping other achieve business success – with many testimonials backing this up
  • A clear structure and method for achieving repeatable success – a system

On top of that, by having a coach or mentor you also get:

  • Someone to hold you accountable – so you do what you say you intend to do
  • A sounding board to bounce ideas off against
  • Someone who knows more than you that you can learn from
  • Someone to keep you on-track, and avoid being distracted by any shiny objects along the way

What is the true path to financial freedom and business success?

Well it is another formula! KNOWLEDGE + EFFORT = REWARD

This is where a lot of people fail, and why they continue to search for the next next get rich quick scheme or shortcut. Knowledge! If you haven’t got the knowledge or know how to succeed at something, you have 2 choices:

  1. Spend your time learning about the topic. (cost = $0, but also, cost = time; value = unknown as there will be conflicting advice, and you may make mistakes)
  2. Learn from someone who has already been down that path (cost = $$$; value = less time, and proven strategy)

So for Knowledge, you can either rely on yours, or learn from someone who has been there, done it, got the T-shirt. Hey, they probably own the company that sells the T-shirts!!

Then comes effort. It takes dedicated, concerted effort to achieve anything. And if it is worth it, you will keep on trying until you do. Think about learning to walk! Babies fall over all the time, but they just get back on up again and try, try again. They try every day, and keep on working at it until they succeed. The reward is obviously worth it.

To sum up

What one needs to do is to take it step-by-step. Don’t try and jump straight to the top of the mountain! Follow a path, a well trodden one ideally, and have someone guide you. Someone who has been there before! That is how you gain your reward! The success you are looking for.

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