About Matt Ward

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Excelling in Marketing, Sales and Innovation at World No.1 food company, Nestlé, gave me both the foundations and the expertise to start my own businesses. I now have 4 companies – all online of course – plus a partner in 2 more; as well as being a business consultant, author and a coach too!

My passion is helping people succeed to achieve their dreams and goals.

But how did I get here?

Following my commercial career in fmcg, I followed a passion of mine, tennis, and became a tennisMatt Ward from MW Digital welcoming you to his website coach. It was fantastic! Rather than the grind of a ‘normal’ job, I was free to enjoy every day doing something I loved – and at the same time helping people. Being thanked every hour and getting paid for doing what I truly enjoyed was an incredible feeling!

From there, I built up a tennis business with a team of talented coaches – but I never let go of my marketing and entrepreneurial nature. I also became a business and marketing consultant and delivered creativity workshops – on those days when it was raining and I couldn’t coach outside! And in North Yorkshire, there were lots of those. I also started dabbling online.

However, the BIG change happened, as it did to lots of us – when coronavirus hit! My tennis business was reduced to zero overnight. Nada. Zilch.

And to make matters worse, I got covid and was wiped out for 10 days.

On my last day of illness, a Saturday back in March, I started watching some webinars. It was part of a ‘Wealth Summit’ organised by Property Magic author and millionaire Simon Zutshi (little aside – if you are passionate about property learn from this guy, he is the best. Check out his book to start with or jump right onto one of his webinars to hear from him in person). Anyway, back to the wealth summit – it was 5 x 2-hour webinars, back-to-back all on the same day! In my semi-comatose state it was the marathon it sounds like. At the end of it I signed up to some social media marketing coaching from Paul O’Mahoney. This was really the start of my journey – the next day I ranked a video at #1 on Google! OMG I thought!

Paul O’Mahoney did a lot for me. He set me on the right path, and I learnt loads about Social Media Marketing. If you are interested in SM is great, you can access a free webinar preview here. Lots of people call him the Social Media King! We had one whole week of Paul coaching us too, 5 days x 10hours per day! It was invaluable. He is a fantastic coach, and I think if I’d invested with him then, things might have been different. But as it was…

Fast-forward 3 months, and I had hardly made anything online!

What? Wait a minute, surely this was meant to be a story about success you might be asking? Well I had made some commissions from my newly formed digital agency. We specialised in ranking videos at the top of YouTube and Google – in days not years! You can see one live example here.

But in terms of building a scalable, passive income and building my own brand and business, I was not there. Maybe you can relate to this? I had spent months searching out new ways to win online. Hours watching webinar after webinar. Finding Free stuff and purchasing loads of different tools, training courses and all sorts of digital products. Something had to change. The only way to change your results is to change from within. I realised the only person who could change my life was ME.

At this point I met Tony Robbins! Not IRL of course, it was lockdown time, but in an Unleash The Power Within online zoom extravaganza! It was amazing. It re-set me. Created a new focus. And unleashed my passion to make my online business a success. A success to eclipse everything I had done before in my life! One of the key messages, which I want to share with you is this…

Be the creator of your life, not the manager of your circumstances.

You don’t have to accept what is going on around you and simply react to it. YOU can create the future you desire. You are the master of your own destiny. As Tony says, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” So find your focus and take massive action towards it. Don’t worry about being perfect (that’ll slow you down and stop you taking action). Take action today!

So with Tony’s words echoing around my head, I took massive action. Creating a successful online business was my #1 goal. With unerring focus I drove it forward. My passion and determination were huge – I was surprised how motivated I was. BOOM!

But where do you start online? What business are you interested in? Do you want your own agency? Do you want a passive income model? Are you trying to build a list? Do you want affiliate marketing? (Great option here if you do!) Do you start your own blog? Do you want to be an influencer on Instagram? A vlogger on YouTube? There are so many options. So now I was focussed but on what. By being a serial-webinar viewer (oh I’ve seen a lot!), I was intrigued by one my friend, Stephen Alvey, recommended.

The thing was it was on at 2.00am in the morning!

Well surely I could just watch the replay? The thing was, I knew I wouldn’t. If I did, I’d just fast forward through most of it, so I stayed up to watch it. And boy am I glad I did. When someone as successful as Stephen, says I learnt all I know from this guy, I thought – I’ll have some of that too! The ‘guy’ was John Thornhill and since watching his webinar I have not looked back!

Building my own business online is now a joy. I had the focus, and now I have all the tools I’ll ever need! No more trying this and then trying that. Sorted.

I hope one day to hear your story, and in the meantime, if there is anything I can do to help, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to help.

To your future success

Matt Ward

P.S. If you want to watch the free webinar that changed EVERYTHING for me, and this is where I would start if I had my time over, you can find out about it here!